Entry Form 2024

    Overall concept:

    27th Annual

    Inspiring Japan - through Diplomats’ Eyes

    To participate in this event:

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    (We contacts for the deadline or other matters)

    3. Please return this form by post with the entry fee of *¥5,000 (cash) to:

    Japan through Diplomats’ Eyes Committee
    Attention: Shinobu Abe (Mr.)
    27-2-5F, Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0082
    e-mail: diplomateye@gmail.com
    (Tel:03-3543-0156 Fax:03-6261-6862) The confirmation e-mail will be sent later.

    *The entry fee of ¥5,000 will be helpful to cover the printing expenses of the catalogue, in return, you will receive 5 copies of the catalogue when published in October. Your understanding would be very much appreciated.

    Deadline for the sending in of the entry: Monday 17th June 2024
    Deadline for the sending in of the photographs: Monday 22nd July 2024
    (The committee holds the selection meeting in August)

    ・This form (word file) will be downloaded from and other information is available on